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Megan Potter


Hi! Thanks for visiting my website and seeing a little bit more of me. As you scroll through, you’ll see pictures and video recordings from concerts, staged productions, and more. Have a look, enjoy, and reach out to me with any inquiries you may have!

Ms. Potter is possessed of a rich, evenly produced mezzo that fairly glows throughout the range. Her diction is excellent, and she breaks out of Dinah’s doldrums to deliver a memorably unbridled take on the opera’s most well-known piece, What a Movie…Megan has found just the right undercurrent of whimsy and resolve to make her sympathetic.

Opera Today

She has a rich mezzo-soprano that can convey the sound of pain absorbed.

LA Times

My Story

Originally a mid-western girl (born and raised in North Dakota), I started on the piano at age 8 and the clarinet just a few years later. I had never considered opera as a career, so I started at college as a clarinet major.

Fast forward two years and throw in some lucky run-ins with the right teachers, and I found out how much I truly loved to sing and perform. Next up was a master’s degree at the University of Colorado at Boulder in vocal performance. Still definitely a mid-western girl, I wasn’t too out of my element yet in Colorado, and I became more brave as I began my first auditions out in the big wide world.

Now I can’t imagine not being on the road 8+ months out of the year. I’ve come to love this lifestyle of travel and performance, and I still visit the Dakotas as often as I can.